Different Strategies of Social Networks

Instagram            “Pictures and Videos”

Instagram is a social sharing site that is focused on pictures and videos. Users can upload pictures and videos with short captions sharing cool events from their lives. With each picture and video, you are able to edit it quickly and conveniently using software provided by Instagram. This gives everyday phone photographs an artsy touch. Many companies use Instagram to post advertisements and photos/videos that draw customers to their products. Some companies use hashtags to gather larger followings from consumers. The most followed brand on Instagram is National Geographic.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 6.40.13 PM


  • 200 million active users
  • 57% of users use Instagram daily
    • 20% weekly
    • 22% less often

Marketing Strategy:

Seek to find promotions from well-known companies to boost your followers. Post pictures that connect with followers and shape your product in an appealing way.

Facebook            “Largest Social Platform”

Facebook is the largest social media platform out there with 1 + billion users worldwide. It allows its users to connect with friends and family all around the world and share photos, videos and status updates. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and has quickly spread worldwide. It has proven to be a very beneficial way for companies to connect with consumers in a non-intrusive way.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 6.40.26 PM


  • 1+ billion active users worldwide
  • Every 20 minutes, users share 1 million links
  • 63% of users use it daily
    • 22% weekly
    • 14% less often

Marketing Strategy:

Since Facebook is the largest social platform, you have the opportunity to connect to a massive audience. Use marketing techniques to present your company in an un-obtrusive way to your following. Design ads and promotions that will appeal to a large following.

Linkedin            “A Place to Network and Connect”

Linkedin is a highly business oriented social media platform. It allows users to connect to peers and employers as well as follow companies. Linkedin provides the ability to format each individual profile as a resume to sell yourself to future employers. It makes business networking easier and more effective due to the vast number of users. Linkedin has been used for almost half of the hires worldwide.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 6.40.36 PM


  • 300 million users worldwide
  • only 13% of users use Linkedin daily
    • 34% weekly
    • 64% less often

Marketing Strategy:

The main marketing strategy that would be effective on Linkedin would be human resource marketing techniques. Since Linkedin is largely based on business connections, companies can use this advantage to post advertisements for job postings in order to acquire the right candidate.

Chaffey, D., & Smith, P.R. (2013). E-Marketing Excellence, (4th ed.). Milton Park, Abington: Routledge.





3 thoughts on “Different Strategies of Social Networks

  1. I like how you have added the statistics in dot point form for each platform. We can really compare these from this!
    Its interesting that Facebook is only used daily by 63% – I thought it would be higher than that.
    Come check out my blog at:
    I’ve even got an awesome video of something crazy I did 🙂


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